मंगलवार, 7 जुलाई 2009

Growing panic among koshi resident

दहाये हुए देस का दर्द -49
Panic is rising with the water level of Kosi in the villages of Supaul, Araria, Madhepura and Saharsa districts. Breach related rumour is spreading every morning and evening. I don't Know who are behind this, but such kind of vague informations putting rural peaple at stake. They are unable to live normal life and do routine work. In the mean time main line media of the region is also unable to put real ground situation of embankment and erosion. It is duty of local administration to manage these rumours but they have no response at all. Why Govtt of Bihar not broadcasting special radio bulletine on the status of embankment . I am recieving phone-calls from the villagers of Kosi region Everyday. It is only because I am a media person. I am unable to understand why they are not calling district administration ? I am in Ranchi but DA is more nearer to them . This reflect the arrogance of so called peaple (popular) Govtt of Nitish kumar and his bureaucrat. Actually bureaucrat of Bihar are still living in British age . There is no sign of change in their attitude and charactor. In that situation who will dare to call them on phone ? Rural, hunger and depressed villagers ? This is really a million dollar question .

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Some one has to wake up before any disaster.........